Spring 2012


Yellow Crochet Dress
S$ 21.90

Floral Easter Dress
S$ 19.90

Coral Top Capri Set
S$ 23.90

BFF Friends Count Tee
S$ 13.90

Kermit the Frog Tee
S$ 14.90

Cute Tee
S$ 13.90

Coral Rosette Dress
S$ 25.90

Tiered Tulle Dress
S$ 23.90

Fuchsia Flapper Dress for Miss Piggy
S$ 25.90

Dragon Camo Set
S$ 24.90

Floral Romper
S$ 19.90

Pattern Mix Dress II
S$ 19.90

Shamrock Pattern Dress
S$ 19.90

Hello Kitty Tutu Dress
S$ 25.90

Heart Fairy Dress
S$ 26.90

VDay Bow Dress
S$ 23.90

Polo and Hat Set
S$ 18.90

Accessories & Shoes

White Bling Purse
S$ 10.90

Red Gingham Purse w/ Flower
S$ 9.90

Pink Poof Headband
S$ 7.90

Red/White Gingham Bows
S$ 4.90

4-Pk Flower Earband
S$ 8.90

Stripes & Dots Rain Hat
S$ 11.90

White Sparkle Flip Flop
S$ 12.90

Coral Wedge
S$ 13.90

Gingham Peeptoe
S$ 15.90